Equipment Disposal

DATA DESTRUCTION is our business, and we know how critical safe data disposition is to your business. Which is why you should never rely on Mike from Marketing to destroy the highly sensitive information stored on your company's hard drives. No matter how much he enjoys it.

YOU HAVE OPTIONS, and for your security, each hard drive received by JSP is processed for complete data destruction. A variety of procedures ensure your confidence in the safety of our methods, securing your sensitive information. At a minimum, all drives are reformatted upon receipt at our processing facility, removing all data on the drive. Drives can be overwritten with a multi-pass software wipe, where a minimum of three overwrites are completed on the drive. Where there is an even greater concern on the client’s part, this number can be increased to up to seven overwrites. Either of these methods are preferable, each completely eradicating data while allowing the drive to be recycled. Where it is vital that data on the drives be destroyed completely, a degaussing procedure is utilized, rendering the drive unusable. Hard Drive Shredding is also offered.

Format Disk:

This process is NEVER recommended by JSP, as it does not completely erase data. It simply erases the directories and partitions used to locate data. The data, however, is still on the hard drive. This method leaves your company open to data theft., does not meet with HIPAA standards or DoD 5220 specifications.

Result: poor data security, high liability exposure.


Data is overwritten with a pre-determined pattern of meaningless information, rendering client data unrecoverable. Further, this process ensures that hard drives can be reused or resold.
Result: excellent data security, maximum financial return.


Hard-drive is exposed to a very powerful magnetic charge, destroying the data along with the timing tracks and servomotors, rendering the hard drive inoperable.
Result: marginal data security.


Mechanically destroys hard drives, while permanently destroying data. The hard drive can be recycled, but cannot be reused or resold if this process is chosen.
Result: complete and uncompromised data security.

Whichever of the above methods are chosen, all existing data is permanently obliterated. Data is never transported, guaranteeing your continued security and peace-of-mind, leaving you confident that your materials can be safely re-marketed or recycled